Who we are

We are very entrepreneurial DMC company staff not only capable of tailor-making our clients holidays but also offering them a completely unique form of doing Cuba. It is no longer a secret that to do Cuba distinctively actually proves to be a big challenge since of the many agencies operating nowadays. Yet we have found out a different way to have you soak the deepest feel of Cuba through learning how to truly dance to the authentic Cuban rhythm. How can I learn to dance Salsa whilst my stay in Cuba? A large percentage of our clients cannot help asking themselves and even us that question!

Our flagship Cuba tours have therefore been designed to serve this purpose.

Dancing in Cuba, Dancing from Havana to Varadero or Dancing in Havana, amongst others are our bespoke samples.

As all other agencies we develop similar holiday’s types but through escorting them by our expert guide-driver crews in excellently-shaped hired cars definitely flatter our product’s uniqueness. To be crowned with success we have recruited an expert multi-lingual team of highly knowledgeable concierges. who work round the clock uniquely aiming at seeing to it that everything runs smoothly as scheduled for you!

Therefore we do tours such as

• Beach holidays
• Fly-drive Holidays
• Guide-driver escorting holidays
• Sea and Land Holidays
• Live on board and maritime transfers .